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Jan 11, 2022 3 min read

How Much Does a Home Remodel Cost in Atherton, CA?

Housing prices continue to rise in the state of California. This makes renovating your home instead of shopping for a new home much more desirable. It also means you can truly push the return on investment for any home renovation more now than in recent memory. So, whether you're after boosting your property value or you simply want to attain your dream house, here's what you need to know about homes in Atherton, CA, and what it might cost to renovate your property.

How Much Does it Cost to Renovate a House Per Square Foot in California?

If you want to skip renovating one area of the house at a time and instead dive headfirst into revamping your entire property, you'll want to have a ballpark estimate as to the average cost to gut and remodel a house. Naturally, that will depend on a number of factors for your own property, but in general, you're going to look at a price point of between $400 and $700+ per square foot. Some areas of the home won't receive as much attention as others, while some rooms (mainly the kitchen and bathroom) will likely see the bulk of the renovation dollars. In general, this is a good starting point.

If you're interested in investing in higher-end materials and are considering other special features, including heated floors, entertainment systems with speakers built into walls, and moving showers or toilets to other areas of their given rooms, you'll want to focus on the higher per square foot price point.


How Much Does it Cost to Completely Renovate A House?

The best way to determine how much you might end up spending on your home renovation is to take the total square footage of your house and multiply it by $400-$700, or upwards of $700 depending on the scope of the project. That means, if you have a 2,000 square foot home and you're interested in a high-end, complete renovation, you're looking at spending possibly $800,000 and up. Now, this is if you use high-end build materials throughout the entire house. You may not need a renovation in certain halls or rooms, or you might decide to go for basic materials in some of the rooms. All of this can change and there is great flexibility in what a possible complete renovation cost might be. But with that said, for high-end home renovations around Atherton, California, this is the price point to consider.

K.C Home Remodel

When Remodeling a Home of This Caliber, Be Ready to Pay $400 - $600 Per Square Foot 

How Much Can You Remodel With $350,000?

It depends on what kind of renovation you're interested in. If you want to remodel your master suite or master bedroom this is a good start. On average, a high-end master suite in Atherton is going to cost upwards of $370,000 when said and done. If you want to build higher ceilings or expand the room, this is going to increase the price range.

You could do an array of projects with $350,000, but depending on the size and scope of the project the price range can vary. When working with high-end, luxury homes this price range is average but is usually exceeded. Whatever you are planning to do, make sure you are in line with your budget, and in constant communication with your architect/designer


Is it Cheaper to Buy or Renovate a House?

If you're interested in finding your dream house, it is far easier to renovate rather than buy a new one. Housing prices have seen a dramatic increase over the last two years, and those prices are not going down. While costs are starting to steady, costs will still rise, and there doesn't look like there is an end in sight (if you're hoping for a bubble to burst so you can scoop up an inexpensive house you're not going to get it). Renovating is by far the better option, and that doesn't even include the amount of money you save over paying movers and the other costs of packing and moving everything you own to another property. You're much better off investing in your current property.


Begin Planning For Your Dream Home Today

The best way to determine how much renovating your house and achieving your dream Atherton home is to start the planning process. With the help of the team at K.C. Customs, you'll work with design professionals who can go over your plans, what you want to be done with your home, as well as your budget, in order to craft the ultimate dream house. So whatever you're interested in doing and however you want to transform your home, if you're ready to re-invest your house and are looking for answers, there's no better time to contact K.C. Customs than right now.

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